Would you build an Ikea table without the instruction book? Probably not. Then why are we raising kids without knowing how their brain works? Isn't it nonsense?

Most of us know how to feed children in an healthy way, but what do we know about raising healthy brains? What kind of experiences are important to provide to children, how the brain learns. BRAINIOUS is a documentary that shares "neuro-knowledge" for parents and educators in order to help children thrive and reach their full potential.

If we really want children to master their lives we need to teach them how to handle their brains!


The film touches on themes of attachment, mindset, and the way that the brain learns, topics that are rarely taught to parents, or any adults for that matter. One of the best parenting films I’ve seen. MOTHERING MAGAZINE

I learned a huge parenting nugget in the film that I will take with me for the rest of my life.  MATTHEW, father of two boys.

The most important thing I learned with the film is being more patient with my daughter when she is frustrated,I learned that it helps her cognitive understanding to work out the problem herself, rather than me just giving her the answers.  KEVIN, father of two girls.


Allan Schore - PHD - Psychiatry and Bio Behavioral Sciences, UCLA
Pionneer in the field of interpersonal neurobiology, Allan Schore has a wealth of knowledge about early childhood development.

Tina Payne Bryson - PHD - Parenting Expert - Psychotherapist - Author
Tina Payne Bryson has created in her pratice a way to educate children with the brain in mind. Her very practical brain makes tricky concepts very accessible.

Daniel J. Siegel - M.D. MINDSIGHT INSTITUTE - Psychiatrist - Author
Dan Siegel has the ability to make you understand "cause and effect" relationship.  

Celeste Kidd - PHD - Rochester Kid - Baby Lab
Celeste Kidd is a curiosity expert. She likes also to challenge beliefs, and try to really understand what influences children's brains.

Mary Helen Immordino-Yang - E.D.D Affective Neuroscientist, USC
Mary Helen Immordino-Yand dedicates parts of her work to understand how culture impact the brain.

Marco Iacoboni: M.D PHD - Director Neuromodulation LAB, UCLA
Marco Iacoboni is working on understanding the mecanisms of empathy.

Noel Enyedy - Director Of Research UCLA Lab School
Noel Enyedy designs Neuroergonomic learning environments.

Matthew Peterson - PHD - CEO, Mind Research Institute
Matthew Peterson has created a math learning program only based on visual approach.

Carol Dweck - Professor of Psychology, Stanford University
Carol Dweck is Madam Mindset, she has shown mindset is key in our ability to overcome life challenges.

Jason Moser - Associate Professor, Michigan State University
Jason Moser studies the effects of mistakes on the brain.

Susanne Jaeggi - Director - Working Memory And Plastic Lab
Susanne Jaeggi creates training programs for the brain

Susan Kaiser Greenland: Mindfulness For Children Expert - Innerkids
Susan Kaiser Greenland teaches mindfulness to children, teachers and educators.
She has created dozen of tools to simply implement mindfulness in children's daily routine.

Matthieu Ricard - Buddhist Monk - Author And Humanitarian
Matthieu Ricard is an altruism crusader.

Michelle Kinder -  Executive Director - Momentous Institute
Michelle Kinder is the head of an incredible school, where social emotional health is as important as scholastic achievment.

Margaret Martin - Founder - Harmony Project
Margaret Martin has created a music program for children from low incomes families that have stupendous outcomes on children's brains.